Finding A Way

dustingrant said: So your telling me that you have attended a Masonic meeting without being a freemason? Lol

No thats what you told yourself im telling you. I told tumblr I was thinking of going to a meeting that month. Pertaining to a picture of a masonic picture. Then you said I can’t go to a free mason meeting. And I did. But not a masonic meeting. Get it?

often, I forget what I am. when I remember what I am I realize the damage I’ve done to myself simply by thinking I am something I am clearly not. or is it the other way around?

dustingrant said: You cant just go to a Freemason meeting...

Umm. You can. And I have. Thanks though :)

Oh. Fuck. There goes all my happiness all over again. Fuck bitches. Get money.

I am so fucking tired.


This definitely deserves a reblog, no matter what kind of blog you have.

I didn’t have the heart not to reblog. 

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